Halifax Farm Environmental Bank

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Realizing the developmental pressures within the Chowan River Watershed, The Roslyn Farm Coroporation contracted with Earth Source Solutions to design and construct the first Wetland Mitigation Bank to serve these pressures. Based on the farms historical information provided by the NRCS, in conjunction with the Hydric Soils information provided by Dinwiddie County Virginia Soils, Earth Source Solutions felt that the baseline conditions at the farm were favorable to modify and reestablish aquatic and upland habitat. Through proper landscape architecture and the removal of the drain tile system, Earth Source Solutions was able to successfully reconstruct jurisdictional U.S. Waters that had been historically impacted by agricultural practices and revert it to a naturalized habitat. The first phases of the Mitigation Banks construction took place in 2006, with consecutive phases coming on line in 2007 and 2008. The resulting product was the establishment of aquatic and upland habitat to include forested wetlands and associated scrub-shrub, emergent, open water, U.S. Water and riparian buffer areas and open space buffers.

Service Area:

The Bank is established to provide mitigation to compensate for impacts to State waters and Waters of the United States, including wetlands, or other regulated environmental credits within the approved service area depicted on the excerpt of the USGS Hydrologic Unit Map shown in Exhibit H. This Service Area shall include Hydrologic Unit Codes 03010201, 03010202, and 03010203, including all or portions of Isle of Wight, Surry, Sussex, Southampton, Greensville, Brunswick, Dinwiddie and Prince George Counties and the cities of Petersburg and Suffolk lying within these Codes. The Service Area will exclude those portions of Lunenburg, Prince Edward and Nottoway Counties lying within those Codes.