Casey Jensen

Casey Jensen: Sr. Project Manager / GIS Analyst

Casey has worked in various environmental fields since his graduation from James Madison University (JMU) in 2005. He graduated with a dual Major in Integrated Science and Technology (ISAT) with an emphasis on Environmental Studies as well as degree in Geographic Sciences with an emphasis in Geographical Information Systems or GIS. Casey also received a minor in Environmental Information Systems (EIS) while attending JMU.

Casey was recruited out of James Madison University in the spring of 2005 and post graduation was contracted by a national firm for a 12 month position to help implement a remote groundwater monitoring system in the Northern Virginia Region. In the spring of 2006 Casey moved on to a statewide firm where he was employed as a Land Planner specializing in environmental resource impacts and environmental impacts permit resolution. It was at this time that Casey began designing Wetland and Stream Mitigation facilities and familiarized himself with “Mitigation Banking.”

In the fall of 2007 Casey came aboard ESS / CBNLT and since has been providing design, over site, and project management of Mitigation Banks and Nutrient Facilities. His experience in the developmental phases and design of mitigation banks as well as the project implementation, and regulatory reporting provided a strong background when CBNLT became a stake holder in the Non-Point nutrient trading program in 2005.

Casey has recently completed his Post Baccalaureate Certificate in Geographic Information Systems from Penn State University (PSU) and will be finishing his Master’s degree in 2015. Casey was also just recently awarded his Certification in Nutrient Management Planning from the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation and is one of only 800 people in the state to receive this certification.

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